At the end of a long-term process that led to the legal definition of the “Turin Vermouth ” through  the implementing decree that has been sent to Brussels by the Ministry of Agriculture, the companies which shared its pathway have founded the Vermouth Institute of Turin.

The organism was set up on Friday April 7, 2017 in Turin, before the notary Paolo Bonomo, by the companies and the brands which represent the vast majority production of this denomination: Berto, Bordiga, Del Professore, Carlo Alberto, Carpano, Chazalettes, Cinzano, Giulio Cocchi, Drapò, Gancia, La Canellese, Martini & Rossi, Mulassano, Sperone, Torino Distillati, Tosti.

Anyone  who wants to share the  goals and the promotion activities regarding this product can join this first group of founding partners who has  different characteristics of history and business size

The founders wanted to name Piero Miravalle, Vermouth’s historic memory, Pierstefano Berta, researcher, and Fulvio Piccinino, barman and expert, as Honorary Members of the Institute to recognize the active contribution given by their experience and professionalism in this field.

The Vermouth Institute of Turin is located in Piedmont, its operating structure and business programs are being finalized as having to operate in several markets and with many goals to achieve.

The Institute is an association that aims to valorize, promote and enhance the quality of the Turin Vermouth, the market deployment through the synergistic work of all producers.

Fondamentale sarà la collaborazione con Associazioni di categoria, l’assessorato all’Agricoltura della Regione Piemonte, gli enti che sin dall’inizio hanno fortemente sostenuto, con i produttori, questa nuova vita del Vermouth in Piemonte.

For this new life of Vermouth in Piedmont, it will be essential the collaboration with the Trade Associations, the Assessorship of agriculture of the Piedmont Region, the institutions which strongly supported from the beginning,  the producers.

The positive and collaborative climate that has been created over the long creation process on the different work tables gives us hope about the growing of a denomination that represents a collective good of the Piedmont Region and of Italy.

The visibility on all the international markets will certainly have some positive effects on the agricultural world from which the main ingredients of vermouth come from: wine, sugar, extracts of herbs and spices.

It is always the time for the Turin Vermouth.


Institute of Turin Vermouth

Via Fanti, 17
10100 Torino


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