Gin&P – History


The international beverage scene is studded with several hundred Gins. Many of them are very similar and only a few can stand out from the crowd. For this reason we decided to give life to a particular Gin that is placed in a narrow niche of products related to Piedmont. We link this distillate to our dear territory using a particular botanical, called Genepì, which shyly grows on the highest peaks of the Piedmont mountains.
Our GIN&P is entirely produced within our distillery in small batches, to be able to take care of every single detail of the production. We use only natural botanicals and ingredients, excluding all chemical substances and artificial flavors, thus respecting one of the moral rules of our company.
The botanicals are left to macerate with refined cereal alcohol and water for a few weeks; subsequently the extract is distilled using our new bain-marie discontinuous distillation machinery. We use this method to further improve the quality of aromas and to enhance the taste of botanicals.

Distinctive features

Neck label
The image derives from an old stamp found on a ‘30s postcard. Each label is handwritten indicating the bottle number, the production date and the lot number.

On each bottle appears, as a seal of guarantee, the signature of our “Master Distiller” and inventor of the recipe, Giovanni Negro.

We invented the name GIN&P because we liked the idea of creating a homophony with the word Genepì.

It represents the stylized shrubs of Genepì. We decided to figure the same yellow of the Genepì flowers to the whole bottle.


– It is transparent and clear thanks to the strict filtering and distillation process.

– The aroma is complex, fresh, floral and you can clearly recognize all the main ingredients.

– On the palate it is soft and persistent. Some fresh juniper notes jump up and mix balancing and harmonizing the particular Genepì character.You can also appreciate a citrus scent brought by the addition of orange peel.

– The distinctive qualities of this Gin are many, it is an excellent digestive if drunk straight and may as well refreshing if you add some soda water or tonic. If mixed it can add a special touch to both classic cocktails such as GinTonic and new creations.

Alcohol content: 42% Vol.
Size: 70cl.











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