Gin Balon – History


Gin BALON is a distillate produced in limited batches allowing us to better cure each phase of its particular processing. Botanicals are infused for a few weeks with cereal alcohol and water in special steel drums. Later, the extract is distilled through our new steam alembic which helps to release the essential oils, further improves the quality of the aromas and enhances the taste of the botanicals. Once distilled, the product goes through the laboratory to be tested and to calculate the relative alcohol content. We have chosen to add some mountain water to balance the alcohol content. The “rest” phase is not to be underestimated as it takes place inside steel tanks where the taste is consolidated and the maturation process starts. At this point we are ready for bottling, hand labeling and packing up according to the country of destination.

Distinctive features

Neck label
The image derives from an old stamp found on a ‘30s postcard. Each label is handwritten indicating the bottle number, the production date and the lot number.

On each bottle appears, as a seal of guarantee, the signature of our “Master Distiller” and inventor of the recipe, Giovanni Negro.

Its name refers to the historical Turin flea market; easy to remember and recognizable in different foreign languages.

An aerostatic balloon with the symbols of Turin Vermouth rising above the Turin skyline. From left to right we clearly distinguish: the Basilica di Superga, the church of the Gran Madre di Dio, the Mole Antonelliana, the Turin Cathedral and La Porta Palatina.


– It is purely crystalline

– The aroma is characterized by a bouquet of spicy and citrus notes that gives it a strong, persistent and balsamic hint.

– On the palate is well balanced, as the acidulous and strongly aromatic taste of juniper is wisely balanced by some herbaceous, floral and woody botanicals. The sip, pleasantly sweet at the beginning ,expands by
leaving room for some peppery nuances and fresh notes reminiscent of cinnamon, licorice and cloves. The finish is harmonious, long with a slightly bitter ending.

– It is an excellent digestive if drunk straight and may as well refreshing if you add some soda water or tonic. If mixed It can add a special touch to both classic cocktails, such as Gin Tonic and new creations.

Alcohol content: 42% Vol.
Size: 70cl.











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